Personal Care Items Drives

The Personal Care Items Drives are a community-driven initiative designed to address the critical need for essential hygiene products. By rallying support from local businesses, enthusiastic volunteers, and compassionate individuals like you, we aim to collect a variety of personal care items. From toiletries to hygiene essentials, this drive seeks to ensure that everyone in our community has access to the fundamental products necessary for maintaining personal well-being. Your involvement in our Personal Care Items Drive is a tangible way to make a positive impact on the lives of those who may be facing challenges in acquiring these essential necessities, fostering a sense of dignity and self-care within our community. Join us in this collective effort to promote a healthier and more caring community for all.

About the project

Starting point

The first step to understand the scope of the project was to learn where did people need the most help.

Support from local communities

Location, scale, and accessibility is absolutely crucial to this project. We wanted to make the biggest but most realistic impact to the food crisis in our community.

End result

Contextualizing the needs of our community members helped us to construct a plan on how we could work towards this crisis.

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